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Premium Training, Resources and Support for Consumers

World Class Membership Training

Each Month you’ll receive the most up to date customer service insight and accountability know-how to help you continuously improve in controlling the outcome of your repair service encounters.

Whether it’s basic communication and confidence building or accountability tactics and controlling the outcome lessons, The Healthy Car Guy Insider will provide you with the best membership training each and every month.

Here’s a quick look at the type of training you’ll have Immediate Access to once you become a member:

The Keys to Control



 THCG Membership Articles

Membership Articles

No matter what skill set you possess, you’ll find a wide variety of fresh new articles every month helping you improve your relationship with your service provider.

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Live Trainings

Each month you’ll be able to attend live webinar and/or teleseminar training sessions. It’s also a great chance to get your questions answered!


Audio Lessons

Each month you’ll be able too download brand new audio content (Mp3’s) on the topic of growing a successful relationship with a service provider.

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Video Trainings

Isn’t it easier to sometimes just “watch” someone implement an idea? That’s why we also provide a variety of step-by-step video tutorials.


Other Training Materials

To make our training materials easy to digest we will sometimes deliver it inside a repair facility, interacting with a service provider or with virtual vehicle diagrams.


THCG Member Tips

We recommend THCG Member as the preferred membership platform. The training in this section provides you with specific tips for using for using THCGM.

Membership Tools & Resources 

The best way to control the outcome is to have the confidence and know-how to to effectively communicate, in order to hold a service provider accountable.

But it’s also important to be aware that there are a wide variety of tools and resources available to help build Trust, Transparency and Communication with your service provider.

That’s where THCG Insider members have an advantage. We’ll show you which ones to use as well as how to use them. This will save you TONS of time.

Here’s a complete look at the types of resources you’ll find in THCG Insider:





Bonus Materials

Each month you’ll find a variety of very useful bonuses. These are typically tools, software or other resources we use or have created for our members.


Know Your Rights

In every industry there are consumer rights and other resources to help protect you. These are the ones we recommend for the automotive repair industry.

Support From Other Informed Consumers

The strength of THCG Insider truly comes back to the insights and ideas shared by our members.

These people are building trusted relationships with service providers just like you and you’ll be able to immediately connect and learn from them. And if you have tips you’d like to share, then please do as everyone will benefit!




Event Calendar

Each month there will be a variety of events taking place for insider members. One quick glance and you’ll know exactly what’s happening.


Member Spotlight

In these special interviews you’ll hear the best tips and insight from other educated consumers who are controlling the


Member Forum

Coming Soon

Exclusive to our members.

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Certified Repair Shops

Coming Soon

THCG Insider members will get and extra layer of protection from our certified repair shops.

Sounds Great, But How Much Is It?

If you feel you’re at a disadvantage or have any anxiety about having your vehicles repaired (or have college bond children or senior parents), this training and online community is something that will become an invaluable resource for you and your family.

Each month we’ll provide you with a tremendous amount of easy to understand, fun and interactive information you can immediately start using to increase your confidence and hold your service provider accountable while simultaneously making it easier to control the outcome of repair service encounters.

The good news is, THCG Insider has been priced for even the most modest budget.

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