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UnderTheHood “Tune It Up” and Ask the Right Questions When Selecting an Auto Repair ShopChoosing the right auto repair shop can be overwhelming, particularly for someone with limited knowledge about car repair and its cost. As much as we would like there to be a magic formula for choosing the right auto repair shop, there simply isn’t.

However, asking the right questions can help ease the tension and minimize the risk of paying for unnecessary repair work.

If your car is making weird noises, leaking funny-looking liquid or releasing dark smoke, make sure to ask the following questions when selecting an auto repair shop:

  1. Does the shop have experience working on cars with my make and model?
  2. What do you think is the problem?
  3. What is the recommended solution?
  4. How much will the repair cost? Can I get the estimate in writing?
  5. How long will it take to repair my car?
  6. What warranties do you offer? Do you guarantee the labor and the parts?
  7. How do you resolve issues?
  8. Where can I view customer reviews on your services?

Trusted Resources:

  • View the company’s BBB Business Review where you’ll find their rating, complaint history and customer reviews.
  • Google the company to see what consumers have to say about their services.

What questions do you ask when selecting an auto repair shop? Share them below.  

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